Chinese Basic Phrases with

Pronunciation guides


Russian Basic Phrases with

Pronunciation Guides and

near/beside laptops.

Greetings with Audio

1000 Most Common Russian Words

with Audio

German Basic Phrases are

in a packet beside/near the


To hear phrases said by native speakers, go to the wiki page "Listen Speak Learn" and

you can practice how to say the phrases.


1. The first tab should be already set on (if not, go to this site). IF you would like to save you need to Login in under Password: minutmen
Click create a new avatar.
*Change the character, background
*To record yourself, click on the microphone
*click Play to hear your avatar say what you recorded
2. If you want to have your avatar speak with text in a different voice:
*Open the language you want
*Copy the text you want
*Go back the Voki and click on T for text
*Paste the text in to the text box
*Choose the correct language and a voice and hit play button to hear your avatar speak

Create a VOKI!!!